I was born in darkness
Strong hands brought me light
They taught me honesty
And that hard work would get me where I want to be
The world was a sincere place 
Filled with modesty and grace

Until some wanted more 
Forgotten were the days when there were things to fight for
Citing personal freedom to question other’s lives
While using words like knives

Dear self-proclaimed victim,
are you free from responsibility? 
Your demand is a command
I’m disgusted by your hypocrisy 
Being a minority does not mean you’re more important than me

To all those people whose words were cut
By the woke and liberal claiming indisputable morale 
Let us fight against this new fascism
Against campaigns feeding egoism
I’m a warrior for solidarity uncovering dishonesty
Sing and play my songs
As they’re meant to be our weapons

Yours, Bittersuite 

#unwoke #freedomofspeech #hypocrisy